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The Gang Guide

Code of Conduct

Discussion Gang strives to provide a transparent, equal and respectful platform for all members of our community. With that in mind, we ask our Gangsters to follow our rules and guidelines so we can keep this forum enjoyable and free of problems. Send an email to to report a violation of our rules.

Start a Discussion

We're here to have fun and all that but we don't want our only topics to be sex and memes. Your post or your caption should start a discussion.

No outside Drama

Do not bring your beef with another member inside of the group. No using people's photos or posts to attack them. If you need advice on an issue, do not identify anyone with names or photos.

Safe space

If you are seen screenshotting anything that happens within this site for the purposes of attacking or embarrassing another Gangster, you will be banned.

Be Respectful

What makes Discussion Gang stand out is we want a place where everyone is free to have their real opinions. If you disagree, do so without any insults or name calling.

No Inactive promo

Promoting any events or businesses is for active members only. If you are new or otherwise not participating regularly, your advert will be removed.

Inclusive Community

Discussion Gang is a place for everyone to be included. Refrain from purposefully misgendering or dead-naming anyone or using discriminatory language of any kind.

Mind the Managers

Mind the warning of any Gang Managers. Ignoring the warnings or popping off at an admin will result in a temporary or permanent ban on your account.

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